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Comedy Groupies

because funny is sexy!

Comedy Groupies - because funny is sexy
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You can't deny it, a sense of humour is the sexiest thing a person can have. Perhaps that explains why some of us are so drawn to comedians.

This is a community for us. The Comedophiles. Or Comedosexuals. I can't decide which is a better word, I made them both up. Either way, we're the adoring, lust-filled fans who follow the objects of our affection with ridiculous dedication, lingering around stage doors and waving banners at gigs. Why should only rock stars get groupies? The comedy circuit should have them too! We should get our arses out on the road, and get a biiiiig tour bus, with waterbeds and moodlighting! OK, maybe I'm being a little ambitious, but wouldn't it be a dream?

Anyway, this community is for venting your lust for your favourite comedians - post pictures, gig reviews, stories of "When I Met *insert name here", and just chat to other people who drool over those with the power to make us laugh. You are not alone. Comedosexuality should be recognised by the world at large!

It's worth mentioning that we are a UK community, and mainly focus on British comedians. There are other communities for American comics, but since I know nothing about them and I'm your mod, we're sticking with the British circuit! No one does comedy like us Brits anyway :)

Join us! You know you want it -_^

In your first post, could you give us nosey people a brief bit of info about yourself? I've made a template so you don't have to think too hard... Just copy and paste it and fill in your answers.


What can we call you?
Where are you from?
Favourite TV show?
Favourite stand up act/DVD?

Your fantasy comedy seduction target list:


Ever met any of them in the flesh? Or anyone else you'd like to tell us about?

If you'd like to include a photo, that would be cool, but you don't have to.