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Its time to stop lurking!

I've been hanging around watching you guys for a while, and I suppose I should introduce myself.


What can we call you? Kel or Kelz is fine
Where are you from? Adelaide in Australia
Favourite TV show? Saturday Night Live
Favourite stand up act/DVD? I love Rowan Atkinson Live, Derek & Clive Get the Horn and Alan Davies - Urban Trauma, they are the DVDs that I always return to.

Your fantasy comedy seduction target list:

There appear to be a few Aussies around here so you might even know who I'm talking about. :-)
In no particular order with pretty pics so you understand my reasoning;

Chris Addison

Andrew McClelland

Michael Palin

Justin Hamilton

Dave Thornton

Ever met any of them in the flesh? Or anyone else you'd like to tell us about?

I've met the 3 Aussies on my list (Andrew, Justin & Dave) Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson, Rhod Gilbert, Wil Anderson, Mark Watson, Ross Noble, Celia Pacquola, Lano & Woodley, The Scared Weird Little Guys, Michael Chamberlin, The Bedroom Philosopher, Lawrence Leung, Fiona O'Loughlin, Sam Simmons, Adam Hills, Charlie Pickering, Tripod and a bunch more Aussies that I'm sure you've never heard of (hell some of them I can't even remember their names, oh yeah that was embarrassing at the Melbourne Comedy Festival)
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