Emma (party_pit) wrote in comedygroupies,


What can we call you? Emma
Where are you from? Cumbria-UK
Favourite TV show? Hum, it's between Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Mock the Week. + Black Books + Flight of the Conchords xD
Favourite stand up act/DVD? Tim Minchin - So Fucking Rock

Your fantasy comedy seduction target list:

5: Mark Watson
4: Ed Bryne
3: Frankie Boyle
2: Dylan Moran
1: Tim Minchin (Anyone ever heard of him...?)

and Russell Brand + Noel Fielding + Jimmy Carr + Lee Mack + Adam Hills + Russell Kane. ahem.

Ever met any of them in the flesh? Or anyone else you'd like to tell us about?
Met Mark Watson - made a tit of myself. Although did get pictures xD
Also saw Tim Minchin after one of his shows, but I didn't go and talk to him. I was far too obsessed with him (like I thought he was the new jesus) that I thought if he was an idiot in real life my whole life would be ruined.

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