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Stolen Meme!

12 comedians
from [info]mrswilson4  It's something fun to do to pass abit of time whilst I'm lying in bed completely bored. :)

This is in no particular order by the way (its way too hard to order them =])

1. Alan Davies
QI rocks, Alan is ... Alan, nuff said.

2. Simon Amstell
-The cuteness - The inocence - Just watch never mind the buzzcocks and you'll know why ;)


3. Dara Ó Briain
- The accent -His loveableness - Mock The Week*squeeee* - also he is a improvisationist (is that a word??)

4. Sir David Jason
- may think this is a strange one but ultimatly he is the one who 'shaped' my humor with Only Fool And Horses and Open All Hours - He is a true legend.

5. Michael McIntyre
-always funny (did anyone see him on top gear - can make the most boring things funny - cute!!

6. Eddie Izzard
-True genius - Improvs almost everything - Very good looking (even if in a skirt or dress ;])

7. Jimmy Carr
-Non stop funny - *Quite* good looking - Improv - and also good friends with Jonathan Ross

8. Lee Mack
-I can't be the only one who finds him terribly sexy. Can I? Because he  is. -Hate the BBC for cancelling Not Going Out =C Next series is due in 2010 (according to wiki!) 

9. Hugh Dennis
-Funny as hell! -Mock the Week is just *melts* -Outnumbered *squeee!* (i no this is about him but I adore little Karen!!) 


10. Paul Merton
-Improv! - Good looking! -Quick witted! -Knows how to work the audience!(have i got news for you!!)

11. Russell Howard
-FUNNY AS HELL!! - inocent - Great radio show with Jon Richardson - Mock the week - his skin!!

12. Phil Jupitus
-the perfect ten, qi, nevermind the buzzcocks... -love him!! -quick witted!

So there you go 
there are loads more that could have been on the list but there are too many to list here lol
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Oh my god, I posted on my twitter not that long ago rather alarmed saying "I think I'm developing an intense attraction towards Hugh Dennis..."

Hahaa :D

Nice to know I'm not alone ;)
Haha, nice to know im not alone as well :)
Dont worry i have recently read (though on wikipedia :/) that there will be a fourth series next year =D!!!