sarah_fangirl91 (sarah_fangirl91) wrote in comedygroupies,

Ahh! Finally!!

Firstly, aint been on here in ages and have missed so much.
But the main thing I wonna say is that I finally got to see Tim Minchin *gush*

I've tried to get tickets for him so many times but i'm always skint and can't afford it :'(
So when I got treated to a ticket to Reading Festival this year and saw he was performing I was so excited.

There were so many people who wanted to see him, so although I wasnt at the front I was quite close (as the photo suggests) compared to my mate who was standing outside the tent lol

What I don't get and annoys me slightly, is that someone would get right near the front of the stage to call Tim Minchin a c*** (self censoring), in true Minchin style he disarmed him and at the same time sided with him when we booed at him. Overall though it was amazing and so happy I got to see him, I just now want to see him live in a theatre, not when i'm in wellies covered in mud and not had a shower for two days.

Sorry the photo isnt great quality.

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