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Just seen this meme....

Pick the top 12 comedians whom you would shag no matter what. Add comments and pics to make it more fun!

Here goes (gah, this list is gonna be hard to do from about 8 onwards...)

1. Jimmy Carr
I love him like mad, and he's still my top comedian :3 (wierdly though, can't really write him in fanfics ... something about him feels a bit too awkward to write about)

2. Dara O'Briain
*squee* <--self explainory (and much unlike Jimmy, I find him pretty easy to write in fanfics ... odd)

3. Charlie Brooker
I just love him like mad (literally - I did fall a teeny weeny bit into genuine love with him after reading The Hell Of It All, though it only lasted about a week. Odd he's coming third in my list, considering how he's the only celeb I've properly had a true crush on)

(I absolutely LOVE this picture of him, it's my favourite one ... in fact, I love it so much I got someone else to make this signiture for me):

4. Tim Minchin
This guy is absolutely GENIUS. His music helped me through coursework, his lyrics are brilliant and funny ... love him :3

I LOVE that picture of him so much, he looks so powerful and uber-awesome in it :3 Also, this signature was made by me and has an accompanying icon (lyrics from Drowned):

5. Wong Cho Lam
OK, not so much as comedian, but more comedic actor. He's the only Chinese celeb I absolutely adore, his performance is absolutely brilliant :3 (for more info on him:

The sig I made using that picture:

6. Chris Addison
OMGIEEEEEEEEE he's cuuuute :3 I admire him even more after watching In The Loop

7. Ed Byrne
It was tough deciding between him and Chris as to who was better, but I still think Ed's adorable enough to bed him :3

8. Mitchell and Webb
OK, now it gets tough from here .... I'd say David Mitchell and Robert Webb are joint 8th (I just cant choose between them ;))

(Yes, I HAD to use a picture of him in his Flashdance outfit ... it's mandatory now :o)

9. Rufus Hound
Dancing as a woman on Let's Dance? Yes yes yes.

10. Rhod Gilbert
Just pure adorable :3

11. Jason Manford
It's funny to think he's grown on me so much ... especially after the slash conversation on 8 out of 10 Cats: Digital Special *looks innocent*

12. Tim Vine
(oh god, he's old enough to be my dad) I have an unfortunate soft spot for Tim Vine ... his one-liners are too good ><

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