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i got jealous, so i'm going to do one too! what else would i do at 3am?

Pick the top 12 comedians whom you would shag no matter what. Add comments and pics to make it more fun!

FYI these are in no particular order

1. mark lamarr
mark lamarr seems like the coolest guy ever, plus he's gorgeous. and i like that he's kind of mean. and smoking makes you look cool.

2. stephen fry/ hugh laurie
i lumped them together just because my favorite pictures of them just so happen to be when they are together. i have to blame hugh laurie for really sparking my british comedian obsession. before that, the extent of my love of british comedy was pretty much the british whose line is it anyway, which i had a really embarrassing obsession with in middle school and by the time i got to university, i was totally over it and relatively normal. then house started and one thing led to another and i totally blew up and now i spend the majority of my time downloading british tv shows on my computer.

3. alan davies
Photobucketalan davies Pictures, Images and Photos
i looove alan davies. he's so cute. he is basically the embodiment of "my type".

4. paul merton
last summer, i spent two months in london and i fulfilled my childhood fantasy of seeing the comedy store players (remember when i said i was obsessed with the british whose line is it anyway). he seems like he probably has intimacy issues and like he always needs to be with someone (he's getting married for a 3rd time) and from seeing his shows in india and china, it looks like he is constantly getting diarrhea, but i can overlook all of that because he's funny and has a good smile and wears rad shirts and can grow a good beard.

5. vic reeves
it's weird that i love this last picture so much even though it is from him going to court for drunk driving. i think that we could get married and have so much fun together.

6. jimmy carr
Jimmy Carr Pictures, Images and Photos
i feel like i really have to explain this because he isn't that good looking and he seems kind of full of himself, but i still really want to have sex with him just to see what it would be like. i'm really just curious. and i don't hate him or anything. i think he's really funny. so, he's on my list.

7. michael ian black
Michael Ian Black Pictures, Images and Photos
he's an american comedian and is also part of stella, which includes michael showalter and david wain, who are here:
David Wain and Michael Showalter Pictures, Images and Photos
they are so so so funny. i've seen them live twice and really i would "shag" any of them any day, but michael ian black is obviously the eye candy, so i'll just choose him. one of my favorite movies is 'wet hot american summer' which david wain directs and the two michaels are in. i'm recommending this to you guys.

8.zach galifianakis
Zach Galifianakis on Jimmy Kimmel Pictures, Images and Photos
i've loved him for years and now finally other people are recognizing him from the hangover. i wasn't a huge fan of that movie, but he's so much funnier than that. and i'm a huge beard lover. look at that beard. that's a serious beard.

9. sean lock
that last picture is so great. my favorite thing about sean lock (besides him being really funny) is that he looks kind of like a dad from the 50's (hair and glasses).

10. frankie boyle
frankie boyle Pictures, Images and Photos
i prefer him with some facial hair, but i'd do him either way.

11. sean hughes
Sean Hughes Pictures, Images and Photos

12. bob odenkirk/david cross
i'm kind of cheating by putting them together because i like the stuff they've done alone as much as the stuff they've done together, but i did the same thing with fry and laurie, so whatever. i love love love their sketch show 'mr. show' and i own all of the seasons on dvd and watch them constantly. i'm so in love with every face that they make. plus, they rule at parodying musicals and really, that's what i look for in a guy.

extra: david mitchell
he'd probably be really cold and sex would be awkward and that's everything i could ever dream of.

you guys, this was so difficult to narrow down and i cheated a lot. i could go on forever.
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