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Stolen MEME!

from mrswilson4 I thought I should do this considering my track record for loving/fancying comedians...*ahem* & It's something fun to do to pass abit of time whilst I'm lying in bed sore & bored. :)

1. Michael Palin.
Does this really need an explaination? I don't think it does, you only have to look at that his sweet face face & you fall in love. I honestly think he's one of the most gorgeous, sweet, funny, intelligent & beautiful men out there...End of story.

2. Eric Idle.
Aw, well, what can I say about this guy? He was the first of my "Python Crushes" & he's still my fave Python, even though I've kinda wandered off into other territories in Pythonland now. & He was why I wanted to watch more Python when I first got into he has ALOT to answer for! ;) He always seems a really lovely guy & can have me in stitches without fail! He's so sweet! & I always love a "cheeky chappie!" ;)

3. John Cleese.
Don't ask me where this came from cos I don't know. Ask my dream world *rollseyes* But yeah, I find John really, really attractive now. I think beneath that big, quite menacing front he puts on, lies a warm, kind-hearted soul who only wants to be loved (awwww!) Plus he loves animals & to me, being a huge animal lover myself, that always says something about a person. He's extremely funny & I just find something very sexy about him...

5. Vic Reeves.
Moving AWAY from Pythonland now...This guy is someone who I've admired since I was 6 years old but didn't start finding him attractive till last year! Don't ask me why. It hit me like a sledge hammer! I was just like "OMG, he's so gorgeous! How come I've never thought so before?" & That was it really...he really is one gorgeous man & I adore him!

6. Bob Mortimer.
Well, you can't have Vic without Bob can you? I certainly can't! Bobby was my very first crush when I was 6! Shows you what kind of kid I was! I've always found him extremely cute & he's an adorable, wonderful, funny lil' guy! ♥

7. Sean Hughes.
Another childhood crush, used to bribe my brother to let me stay up & watch "Sean's Show" when he babysat me & my sister. Always loved him & found him cute in an rugged, irish kinda way. AND I finally got to meet him, I can't remember if it was last year or the year before that & he was a LOVELY person. He took the time out to talk to me for ages & we had a lovely, funny conversation that ended with him giving me a HUGE snuggly hug without me even asking! YAY! :D

8. Jon Richardson.
More of an up to date one shall we say. I saw him on Michael Mcintyre's Comedy Roadshow the other week I think it was & I just thought he was lovely! Very funny & very gorgeous with a wonderful northern accent. Bout' time us northerners got some more "talent" as it where! ;) So yeah, I think he's gorgeous & I'll forward to seeing him around more!

9. Lee Mack.
I've loved Lee ever since seeing him in "The Sketch Show" back in the early 2000's! Again, he's sexy in a very northern kinda way. ;) I loved "Not Going Out" & was so sad & annoyed when the bloody BBC cancelled it for no reason. He's a very funny, very und-rated comedian & he may not be everyone's cup of tea but I think he's lovely!

10. Dave Foley.
Now, I know not many people are gonna know who this guy is, unless you're a fan of canadian comedy "The Kids In The Hall." But I felt like I had to include him cos I had a HUGE crush on him for years! I discovered him back in 1998 & I thought he was absolutely gorgeous! & Even though I don't watch "The Kids In The Hall" much anymore, I am still very fond of him.

11. Mark Gatiss.
Me & my sister were big fans of The League of Gentlemen back in the day & Mark was always my favourite & still is! I know he's gay but that doesn't bother me. I think he's SO cute & very pretty! & I've hugged him! :D Whoop Whoop! & A very beautiful hug it was too! ♥

12. Eddie Izzard.
This isn't a huge crush but I love the way he dresses. He always looks so gorgeous & pretty! I try not to but whenever I'm watching his stand up I do find myself lusting over him. lol. & His Python love is just awesome! He is almost as bad as me! haha! ;)

So there you Russell Brand or Noel Fielding on my list...not that there's anything wrong with liking them, it's just I have a very different taste & never go for the "norm." As you can probably see...
There's probably a few people I've missed out but they're the main ones anyways :)
& What a gorgeous list it is, maybe I don't have bad taste in men afterall ;)

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How can you have a Python list and leave off Terry Jones?!
Cos I can't think of Terry in that way, he's too cute & brotherly! I fancy Graham Chapman aswell but I couldn't sleep with him...too brotherly again lol.
I love ALLLLL the Pythons though! Obviously :)
Terry Jones is Welsh, fiery and obsessed with sex - how can you not think of him that way?! Any Gilliam fangirls around?
I dunno, I just can't, he's too cute! haha! >.<
WOW well that's a very classy list! :P! YAY to Lee! ;)! And Jon! And John! Argh <3!
Hehehe, I am very proud of my list, they're a good group (although I would say that lol)

i used to LOOOVE dave foley. i even made a geocities fanpage for him when i was like 12 (remember those?) i saw kids in the hall live about a year ago and they were great, but he looks so old now, it's kind of depressing.

i want to make a list! should i just do it in the comments? there are never memes that i like. i'm excited.
Yeah, I remember all those geocities fanpages, there was alot of KITH ones around!
It's great that you've seen them live, living in england I'll probably never get that chance but yeah, they're looking very old, they all used to be so pretty, it's shame they haven't aged so well :(

As I said, I don't watch much KITH anymore, but I haven't forgot Dave lol