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Stolen MEME!

from mrswilson4 I thought I should do this considering my track record for loving/fancying comedians...*ahem* & It's something fun to do to pass abit of time whilst I'm lying in bed sore & bored. :)

1. Michael Palin.
Does this really need an explaination? I don't think it does, you only have to look at that his sweet face face & you fall in love. I honestly think he's one of the most gorgeous, sweet, funny, intelligent & beautiful men out there...End of story.

2. Eric Idle.
Aw, well, what can I say about this guy? He was the first of my "Python Crushes" & he's still my fave Python, even though I've kinda wandered off into other territories in Pythonland now. & He was why I wanted to watch more Python when I first got into he has ALOT to answer for! ;) He always seems a really lovely guy & can have me in stitches without fail! He's so sweet! & I always love a "cheeky chappie!" ;)

3. John Cleese.
Don't ask me where this came from cos I don't know. Ask my dream world *rollseyes* But yeah, I find John really, really attractive now. I think beneath that big, quite menacing front he puts on, lies a warm, kind-hearted soul who only wants to be loved (awwww!) Plus he loves animals & to me, being a huge animal lover myself, that always says something about a person. He's extremely funny & I just find something very sexy about him...

5. Vic Reeves.
Moving AWAY from Pythonland now...This guy is someone who I've admired since I was 6 years old but didn't start finding him attractive till last year! Don't ask me why. It hit me like a sledge hammer! I was just like "OMG, he's so gorgeous! How come I've never thought so before?" & That was it really...he really is one gorgeous man & I adore him!

6. Bob Mortimer.
Well, you can't have Vic without Bob can you? I certainly can't! Bobby was my very first crush when I was 6! Shows you what kind of kid I was! I've always found him extremely cute & he's an adorable, wonderful, funny lil' guy! ♥

7. Sean Hughes.
Another childhood crush, used to bribe my brother to let me stay up & watch "Sean's Show" when he babysat me & my sister. Always loved him & found him cute in an rugged, irish kinda way. AND I finally got to meet him, I can't remember if it was last year or the year before that & he was a LOVELY person. He took the time out to talk to me for ages & we had a lovely, funny conversation that ended with him giving me a HUGE snuggly hug without me even asking! YAY! :D

8. Jon Richardson.
More of an up to date one shall we say. I saw him on Michael Mcintyre's Comedy Roadshow the other week I think it was & I just thought he was lovely! Very funny & very gorgeous with a wonderful northern accent. Bout' time us northerners got some more "talent" as it where! ;) So yeah, I think he's gorgeous & I'll forward to seeing him around more!

9. Lee Mack.
I've loved Lee ever since seeing him in "The Sketch Show" back in the early 2000's! Again, he's sexy in a very northern kinda way. ;) I loved "Not Going Out" & was so sad & annoyed when the bloody BBC cancelled it for no reason. He's a very funny, very und-rated comedian & he may not be everyone's cup of tea but I think he's lovely!

10. Dave Foley.
Now, I know not many people are gonna know who this guy is, unless you're a fan of canadian comedy "The Kids In The Hall." But I felt like I had to include him cos I had a HUGE crush on him for years! I discovered him back in 1998 & I thought he was absolutely gorgeous! & Even though I don't watch "The Kids In The Hall" much anymore, I am still very fond of him.

11. Mark Gatiss.
Me & my sister were big fans of The League of Gentlemen back in the day & Mark was always my favourite & still is! I know he's gay but that doesn't bother me. I think he's SO cute & very pretty! & I've hugged him! :D Whoop Whoop! & A very beautiful hug it was too! ♥

12. Eddie Izzard.
This isn't a huge crush but I love the way he dresses. He always looks so gorgeous & pretty! I try not to but whenever I'm watching his stand up I do find myself lusting over him. lol. & His Python love is just awesome! He is almost as bad as me! haha! ;)

So there you Russell Brand or Noel Fielding on my list...not that there's anything wrong with liking them, it's just I have a very different taste & never go for the "norm." As you can probably see...
There's probably a few people I've missed out but they're the main ones anyways :)
& What a gorgeous list it is, maybe I don't have bad taste in men afterall ;)

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